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EMC Motor Racing

With a background in the motor industry, and 2 sons who are mad about cars, it seemed natural that the engine re-conditioning business started by Kevin would evolve into motor racing - not just building stunning looking and fast cars, but also developing parts to help with safety, stability and also handling of the car.

In 1995 after watching Porsche racing, Kevin and Steph (his wife) decided that this was something that they wanted to do and the family team developed from there.  Both Kevin and Steph did several seasons of racing in the Porsche 924 championship, and learnt that it is not just about straight line speed, but also about the set up and handling of the car and this is the main strength of EMC Motorsport.

Porsche racing has proved to be extremely exciting and EMC Motorsport have built Porsche 924, 944, 968 and 911's for both the family team and many racing drivers in different championships.  These have been successful for both championship and class wins.

EMC Motorsport has also built up a strong reputation with different companies/groups, who specifically ask them to do track days for their customers.  We supply parts to several Porsche racers in New Zealand, who report back regularly, and we also 'appeared' in a write up in 911 and Porsche World.

The current motorsport project is a Porsche 968 turbo, a spectacular and very fast car, which is in the process of being developed by Kevin and Alex - see work in progress section.