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Porsche Club Championship

Porsche Club Championship

This championship is where the majority of EMC Motorsport's race Porsche's end up. It is a fiercely competitive championship which cater's for most types of Porsche models. The cars are fast and very evenly matched making for plenty of action and some great racing. The cars are production based with tightly controlled regulations. To win in this championship you need the best car and plenty of skill.

Alex left Porsche Open to race in the Porsche Club Championship in a Class 3 car, winning his class on numerous occasions and coming close to winning the overall title, just missing out because of starting later on in the season.

Several other 944 drivers also joined the Club and proved to be very competitive in the Championship.

EMC Motorsport has always kept a strong presence in this Championship, and although we are not competing in 2009 we still have 10 or so EMC built cars out there and doing well.

Who knows we may be back next year, although we are keeping in contact with everyone who is racing this year.  We will keep you updated with what is happening.