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Porsche Open Series

Porsche Open Series

The open series covers the more highly modified Porsche race-cars. Although the racing isn't as close as in the club the cars in this series are fearsome machines, big power and lots of grip means that to win, your car needs to be highly developed and you need to be ready to hang onto it!

After getting quite a few Porsche 944 drivers together with their cars and nowhere to play, Kevin had a discussion with the race co-ordinator of Porsche Club GB and a new class (class 4) was created in Porsche Open for the 2.5 litre, 8 valve Porsche 944's.

Porsche Club GB didn't quite realise what had hit them and at the first meeting at the Croft circuit the 944 paddock party raised a few eyebrows.  It took several race meetings for them to realise that we were mostly harmless but out for a good time.  Racing against the likes of Richard Chamberlain's stunning Porsche 935 or Rupert Lewin's VERY modified GT2 proved a fantastic experience, even though this was mainly in the form of seeing the cars appear in the rear view mirror, feeling your own car rock as they overtook at what seemed to be rocket speed, and then seeing the tail pipe disappear into the distance.

All the drivers who started in Class 4 still talk about the fantastic times that we had (although we sadly lost Tim Bevan in a road accident) and how it was some of the best motor racing to be had.