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EMC Locost

Project Locost

For the 2001 season EMC Motorsport decided to prepare a 750 Motor Club Locost for Alex to race. As this was Alex's first season in the sport the car needed to be easy to drive, competitive and safe. The car was outlined and the space frame assembled within 2 weeks.

Now came the tricky part! All the locost racers have to be built to a basic outline chassis plan provided by the regulators, this left very little scope for modification. We strengthened the chassis using additional bars and braces for the steering, the car then had a 6 point roll-cage fitted and had a thick aluminium floor plate to provide the under floor strength and add rigidity. The rest of the car was then clothed in aluminium, the drive-train was fettled and installed and she was given a lick of EMC orange paint.

At the first race everyone in the paddock commented on how stunning the car was and straight out of the box she was a flyer. Alex was able to qualify 12th out of 34 in his first ever motor-race. Despite a few off piste excursions Alex held it together for 12th.

During the rest of the season Alex was able to put the Locost in the top 6 of every round and almost took a debut win at Pembrey. The car was the class of the field and went on to be competitive for years afterwards after being sold by EMC. We were proud to have built a car that was so competitive straight out of the box and so vastly different to our usual projects.


Space frame chassis made from MIG welded 1" steel box section with

Floors made of aluminium plate and bodywork fabricated from aluminium sheet.

Engine - Ford X-Flow 1300 rebuilt by EMC to give 118bhp at the flywheel on a single 23/24mm Weber downdraft

Gearbox - Ford 4-speed with bell-crank quick-shift

Suspension - AVO coil-overs all round

Brakes - Ford Escort Mk2 discs and drums, race material on pads and shoes

Wheels -13" Ford with Yokohama A539 tyres

Roll-cage - EMC 6 point T45