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EMC Motorsport Work in Progress

At EMC Motorsport we usually have several projects on the go - at present (mid 2009) there are 6 vastly different cars in the process of being turned from common and garden varieties into stunning, head turning road, track and competition cars.

We work with our customers to ensure that their car is exactly what they require and engineering excellence comes as standard.

It all starts with a visit, phone call or email from a customer - or even sometimes from a chat at a race meeting.  This leads to exciting discussions about specifications, colour, engine size, budget and most importantly, safety, which is something that EMC will not compromise on.  We use the best there is to ensure the safety of the driver/passenger.

After many cups of tea or coffee, phone calls, emails and digging in of heels on both sides, the final specification and
budget is agreed.

We keep in constant contact with customers, either with them visiting their new 'baby', through phone calls or with photos
sent via email.

Although there is a write up on 3 of our current projects we also have a Ford Escort Mk1 in post historic (ish) specification, a Porsche 968 Club Championship car and a Nissan Skyline racer in various stages in of development.  We will get some photos taken and add these to the website.